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What to visit in the municipality of Folgueroles

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make an extensive proposal about what to visit in the municipality of Folgueroles. Through our proposal, you will discover this village of the region of Osona!

Folgueroles is a small village located in the Plana de Vic, in the middle of the region of Osona. Within the municipality of Folgueroles, there is also part of the Natural Park of Guilleries-Savassona.

One of the prides of this town of Osona is that Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer, a great Catalan poet, was born in this municipality.

The fact that Folgueroles is located next to the Guilleries-Savassona Natural Park means that within the municipality of Folgueroles you can find places of great natural beauty.

Moreover, in Folgueroles you can also find a great variety of heritage elements from different historical periods. Surely, one of the most characteristic places is the Casol de Puigcastellet. This archaeological site, dating from the Iberian period and reused during the medieval period, is of great singularity. Besides, you can also find heritage elements from other periods and styles, such as the Church of Santa Maria, of Romanesque origin, with a large Baroque doorway.

If you do not know what to visit in the municipality of Folgueroles, you will find below a proposal that will allow you to enjoy this municipality of the region of Osona!