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Sant Feliu Sasserra is a municipality located in the natural region of the plateau of Lluçanès, in the region of Bages.

The municipality of Sant Feliu Sasserra has an area of 22.4 square kilometres, and is located 617 metres above sea level.

Within the municipality of Sant Feliu Sasserra you can find places of great natural beauty. You can also find heritage sites of great value, such as the Sant Feliu Town Hall, former headquarters of the Lluçanès sub-group.

Sant Feliu Sasserra is famous for the trials, against witchcraft, that were held during the 17th century. Nowadays, in the municipality, you can visit the Witchcraft Interpretation Centre, and every year, on All Saints Day, the Witchcraft Fair is celebrated.

Places to visit in Sant Feliu Sasserra