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Osona is a region located in the centre of Catalonia. The capital of the region of Osona is the city of Vic. This region has a surface area of 1,245.2 square kilometres.

The county of Osona is made up of 50 municipalities. Moreover, in this region we can find the Plana de Vic, the plateau of Lluçanès, Bisaura, Vall del Ges, Cabrerès, the cliffs of Collsacabra and the natural park of Guilleries – Savassona.

Thanks to the fact that Osona can be considered a rural region, you can still find a large number of places of great natural beauty. However, in this region, and through its municipalities, a large number of heritage elements of great historical value have been preserved. All these heritage elements are from different historical periods.


Places to visit in Osona