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What to visit on the plateau of Lluçanès

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make you an extensive proposal about what to visit in the plateau of Lluçanès. Through our proposal, you will be able to discover, extensively, this natural region!

The plateau of Lluçanès is a natural region located between the regions of Osona, Bages and Berguedà, in the centre of Catalonia. Currently, a total of 13 municipalities make up this natural Catalan region.

The Lluçanès is a serene territory, with a great natural and patrimonial richness. Doing a tour around the Lluçanès, you will be able to discover how this natural region has a lot of postcard places!

Among the regions of the Lluçanès, you will be able to discover an incomparable natural wealth. From forests that will bring you tranquillity and serenity, to a great number of streams full of pools of an incomparable beauty. In addition, there are also many tours that will allow you to enjoy the sport.

Apart from nature, Lluçanès also has a rich history and an extensive heritage. Throughout history, despite having been ignored by most historians, the Lluçanès has been a protagonist of Catalan history. In fact, among other things, it was in Lluçanès that the First Carlist War began, in 1833, throughout Catalonia.

Apart from the historical richness, among its municipalities you will also be able to discover a great number of places with a rich heritage. You will find first class archaeological sites, as well as a lot of buildings of different architectural trends. In this sense, we can highlight the preserved Romanesque churches, as well as the baroque buildings.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we encourage you to discover this natural Catalan region. You will love it!

Below you can see our proposal on what to visit on the Lluçanès plateau.