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Lluçà is a municipality located in the natural region of the Lluçanès Plateau, in the region of Osona.

The municipality of Lluçà has a surface area of 53 square kilometres, and is located at 745 metres above sea level.

The largest village in Lluçà is Santa Eulàlia de Puig-oriol, and the rest of the municipality is made up of scattered farmhouses.

In this municipality you can enjoy the great natural wealth that exists. Moreover, you can also discover a great number of valuable heritage elements. One of the most outstanding places in Lluçà is the Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria de Lluçà. The remains of the old castle of Lluçà and the Romanesque round church of Sant Vicenç de Lluçà are also worth mentioning.

Places to visit in Lluçà / Santa Eulàlia de Puig-oriol