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La Vall d’en Bas is a municipality located in the region of La Garrotxa. This municipality is made up of Joanetes, Hostalets d’en Bas, el Mallol, la Pinya, Puigpardines, Sant Esteve d’en Bas and Sant Privat d’en Bas.
The municipality of Vall d’en Bas has an area of 90.7 square kilometres, and is located 510 metres above sea level.
Within the municipality of Vall d’en Bas you can find places of great natural beauty, such as the Salto de Sallent, or Puigsacalm. You can also find heritage sites of great historical value. Among these elements, we can highlight the churches of Sant Pere de Falgars, Sant Esteve d’en Bas, Sant Privat, Santa María de la Pinya, Sant Romà, Sant Joan de los Balbs, Santa María de Puigpardines, Sant Quintí d’en Bas and Sant Miquel de Castellón.
We can also point out that within this municipality, for Christmas, there is the biggest star in all of Catalonia. This star is located in Hostalets d’en Bas.

Places to visit in la Vall d’en Bas