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What to visit in the municipality of Gurb

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make you an extensive proposal about what to visit in the municipality of Gurb. Through our proposal, you will be able to discover this village of the region of Osona!

Gurb is a municipality located in the Plana de Vic, in the middle of the region of Osona. In fact, Gurb is a municipality that has a dispersed population and a large municipality located right next to Vic.

In Gurb you can find a large number of places with a great natural wealth where you can find great peace and quiet. In addition, within the municipality you can also do a lot of activities, such as mountain biking, or hiking.

Apart from the great natural wealth, in Gurb you can also find a great number of rich heritage elements. Of these elements, we can highlight the large number of Romanesque style buildings that are still preserved, although they are not the only ones.

If you don’t know what to visit in the municipality of Gurb, below you will find a proposal that will allow you to enjoy this municipality in the region of Osona!