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What to visit in the municipality of Balenyà

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make you an extensive proposal about what to visit in the municipality of Balenyà. Through our proposal, you will discover this village of the region of Osona!

Balenyà, popularly known as Hostalets de Balenyà, is a municipality located in the south of La Plana de Vic, in the region of Osona, in the centre of Catalonia.

The village of Balenyà grows around the course of the river Congost and, formerly, at this point in the Vic plant there was a fork between two great royal roads. Its location meant that a large number of muleteers and shepherds passed through the village every day. Currently, next to the town runs the C-17.

In the village of Balenyà you can enjoy places with a great natural richness. In fact, its municipal boundary is located next to Puigsagordi, a place where you can enjoy spectacular beech forests.

Apart from the natural richness, you can also discover a great patrimonial richness.

If you do not know what to visit in the municipality of Balenyà, below you will find a proposal that will allow you to enjoy this municipality of La Plana de Vic!