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What to visit in the municipality of Alpens

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make you an extensive proposal about what to visit in the municipality of Alpens. Through our proposal, you will be able to discover, extensively, this village of the Lluçanès!

Alpens is a small village located in the natural region of the Lluçanès plateau, within the region of Osona.

Alpens is a small municipality with a marked rural character. In fact, it looks like a village that has been frozen in time! Its streets are narrow, and most of its buildings are made of stone, which makes it a picture postcard village!

During the third Carlist War (1872-76), in Alpens there was a great battle between the two opposing armies, the Carlists and the Elizabethans. However, this bloody battle, which was won by the Carlists, did not serve to change the course of the war.

It can be said, therefore, that Alpens is the Catalan capital of wrought iron. Among its streets you can find a large number of wrought iron elements, from dragons to benches, litter bins, statues … For many years now, Alpens has hosted a biannual world meeting of wrought iron makers! At this meeting you can see how forgers from all over the world work together to forge choral pieces. Once this meeting is over, the forged piece is placed between the streets of this municipality.

Apart from the urban framework, Alpens also has a large municipal area of great natural beauty. Within its municipal district you can enjoy nature in its purest form, letting the green of its forests flood you with tranquillity. Moreover, you can also find a large number of small Romanesque churches and geological formations of legend, which make this small village of the Lluçanès plateau more idyllic.

If you don’t know what to visit in the municipality of Alpens, here is a suggestion that will allow you to enjoy this postcard town!