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Gurb is a municipality located in the Plana de Vic, in the region of Osona.

The municipality of Gurb has an area of 51.6 square kilometres, and is located at 516 metres above sea level.

The capital of Gurb is the urban centre of Esperança, although the majority of the population of this municipality is made up of scattered farmhouses. Furthermore, within the municipality there are four parishes, Sant Andreu de Gurb, Sant Cristòfol de Vespella, Sant Julià Sassorba and Sant Esteve de Granollers de la Plana.

One of the most emblematic places in Gurb is Gurb Castle, situated at the top of the hill, popularly known as the Gurb Cross. From this point, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Plana de Vic.

Places to visit in Gurb