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Folgueroles is a municipality located between Plana de Vic and the Natural Park of Guilleries – Savassona, within the region of Osona.

The municipality of Folgueroles has an area of 10.5 square kilometres, and is located 552 meters above sea level.

Within the municipality of Folgueroles you can find a large number of architectural elements from different periods. We can highlight the archaeological remains of Puigcastellet, a wall from the Iberian period reused during the middle Ages. Besides, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of this municipality.

One of the illustrious characters of Folgueroles is Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer, poet and avant-garde of Catalan movement. In fact, you can discover Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer through the Verdegarian route.

Places to visit in Folgueroles