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Camprodon is a municipality located in the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees, in the region of Ripollès.

The municipality of Camprodon has an area of 103.4 square kilometres and is located at 947 metres above sea level.

The municipality of Camprodon also includes the towns of Beget and Font-Rubí. Within the municipality of Camprodon you can find natural elements of great beauty, as well as heritage elements of great value.

From the municipality of Camprodon, we can emphasize the New Bridge, emblematic image of this municipality. We also highlight the monastery of Sant Pere and the church of Santa Maria.

However, one of the most spectacular places in Camprodon is the town of Beget. This small nucleus is a place of postcard, where you can make some photos of great beauty.

Places to visit in Camprodon