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Caldes d’Estrac, also known as Caldetes, is a municipality located in the Maresme region, very close to the city of Barcelona. This town is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, and has one of the most peaceful and familiar beaches of the Maresme.

The municipality of Caldes d’Estrac is 0.9 square kilometers, and the town is located 33 meters above sea level. Caldes d’Estrac therefore has one of the smallest municipal districts in Catalonia.

In this municipality there are remains of settlement from the Neolithic period, although the first documentary mentions of the municipality of Caldes d’Estrac date back to the 11th and 13th centuries.

Nowadays, a large number of architectural elements of great tourist interest can be found in this municipality. Through COOLTUR Turismo Cultural you can discover the most interesting places in Caldes d’Estrac.

Places to visit in Caldes d’Estrac