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Arenys de Mar is a municipality located in the Maresme region, very close to the city of Barcelona. This town is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, and has one of the most peaceful and familiar beaches of the Maresme.

The municipality of Arenys de Mar is 6.8 square kilometers, and the town is located 10 meters above sea level.

Originally, this municipality was a fishermen’s quarter in Arenys de Munt, and it was not until 1599 that Gascon de Montcada, Viscount of Cabrera, established a municipality of his own for Arenys de Mar.

Nowadays, in this town we can find a great number of architectural elements, from different periods, of great tourist interest. Through COOLTUR Turismo Cultural, you can discover the most hidden places in Arenys de Mar.

Places to visit in Arenys de Mar