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Roman Barcelona

  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – Restes de l’antic aqüeducte original de la ciutat de Barcelona
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – Restes de la Muralla Romana al Correu Vell de Barcelona
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – Restes de la Muralla Romana al costat de Via Laietana
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona -restes de la muralla romana al pati llimona
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – via romana i enterraments a la Plaça de la Villa de Madrid a Barcelona
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – Restes de la Muralla Romana al Carrer Boqueria
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Barcelona – Muralla Romana al Carrer Regomir

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we present our tour of the Roman Barcelona

The Roman Empire, after the Cantabrian Wars (1st century BC), rearranged the territories of Hispania. In the case of Catalonia, he built different colonies in order to have greater control of the territory. Barcino (today’s Barcelona), was one of these new colonies. This colony was built on Mount Taber, a small elevation now engulfed by the city.

Barcelona has been undergoing different transformations since its foundation. It has grown in number of inhabitants, and in urban area. However, we can still see a large number of remains of the original city. It is for this reason that we propose you the tour of Roman Barcelona. Through this tour, you can discover the Roman remains that are still preserved in Barcelona.

This is a tour of about 3 km. We believe that this urban tour can be done with the whole family. It is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. In addition, it can also be done with pets and / or by bicycle. At the same time that you will discover the preserved Roman remains, you will also enjoy the historical centre of Barcelona.

As all the tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism, you can download, free of charge, the information and the tracks of this tour. However, if you wish, we can accompany you! You can find the information of our accompaniments in the tours a la carte. With our accompaniment, we will explain to you, amply, all the history of this route. In addition, we will be able to resolve any doubts you may have.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we hope you’ll enjoy the tour of the Roman Barcelona.

Barcelona is the current capital of Catalonia, being the city with the largest number of people.

This is a very dynamic city, where alongside contemporary works of art we can find the remains of the ancient Roman city, as well as other historical periods. However, one of the things that attracted the attention of this city is the large number of modernist buildings.

For more information about this citywww.barcelona.cat

There are several ways to arrive in this town:

  • By Car (Roads)
    • AP-7 (La Jonquera – Guadiaro)
    • C-16 (Barcelona – Bellver de Cerdanya)
    • C-31 (El Vendrell – Figueres)
    • C-33 (Montmeló – Barcelona)
    • C-58 (Barcelona – El Prat)

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