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Modernism in Berga

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we present our tour of the Modernism in Berga

Modernism was an artistic movement that emerged at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This movement broke with architectural monotony. In this sense, architects used their imagination to create new buildings. In addition, they used new decoration techniques, such as glazed tile or wrought iron. Some of the great architects of this movement were Gaudí, Puig i Cadafalch, etc.

In Berga there are still several buildings of modernist style. It is for this reason that COOLTUR Cultural Tourism proposes the tour of Modernism in Berga. Through this tour you will be able to discover the different modernist buildings of the city. In addition, you can also enjoy the historic center of this city.

This is a tour of about 1 km. We believe that this is a tour that can be done with the whole family. It is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. Apart, this tour can also be done with pets and / or by bicycle. As well as discovering the modernist buildings, you will also enjoy the historic centre of Berga.

As all the tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism, you can download, free of charge, the information and the tracks of this tour. However, if you wish, we can accompany you! You can find the information of our accompaniments in the tours a la carte. With our accompaniment, we will explain to you, amply, all the history of this route. In addition, we will be able to resolve any doubts you may have.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we hope you’ll enjoy the tour of the Modernism in Berga.

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Berga is a city located in central Catalonia, capital of Berguedà and ancient capital of Berga County.

This city is located at the foot of Serra de Queralt and faces the valley of Llobregat.

For more information of this city:  www.berga.cat

There are several ways to reach this city:

  • By Car (roads)
    • C-26 Eix Prepirinenc (Alfarràs – Borrassà)
    • C-16 (Barcelona – Bellver de Cerdanya)
    • E-9 (Barcelona – Orleans)
    • LV-4241 (Solsona – Berga)
    • BP-4654  (Sant Quirze de Besora – Berga)
  • Public Transport


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