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Legends of Ripoll

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From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we present our tour of the Legends of Ripoll

Before the arrival of the digital age, to entertain oneself, people counted Legends. These were transmitted from generation to generation through oral tradition. In addition, all legends mixed places known to the listener with magical stories. Apart from entertaining, the legends also served to educate, morally, the population. Although, unfortunately, many of the Catalan legends have disappeared, some are still preserved.

In the case of Ripoll, several legends are still preserved. In this case, all the preserved legends are directly related to religious places. It is for this reason that from COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we propose you the tour of the Legends of Ripoll. Through this tour you will be able to know the legends that are still conserved in this municipality of Ripollès. In addition, you can also enjoy the natural environment of this town.

This is a tour of about 10 km. Due to its unevenness; we believe that this is a tour for walkers. In addition, this tour can also be done with pets. At the same time that you will learn the legends that are still conserved in this municipality, you will also enjoy the landscapes of Ripoll.

As all the tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism, you can download, free of charge, the information and the tracks of this tour. However, if you wish, we can accompany you! You can find the information of our accompaniments in the tours a la carte. With our accompaniment, we will explain to you, amply, all the history of this route. In addition, we will be able to resolve any doubts you may have.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we hope you’ll enjoy the tour of the Legends of Ripoll.

Ripoll, the current capital of the Ripollès, is next to the rivers Freser and Ter. This city has been one of the major focus of industrial life in the Pyrenees, where we highlight their great monastery.

For more information: http://www.ripoll.cat/

There are several ways to reach this municipality:

  • By Car (roads):
    • C-17 (Barcelona – Ripoll)
    • C-26 (Alfarràs – Borrassà)
    • N-260a (Conca de Dalt – Senterada)
  • Public transport

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