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Civil War in Ripoll (1936-39)

  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Monestir de Sant Pere de Ripoll
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Sant Pere de Ripoll
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Farga Palau
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Escola Vedruna de Ripoll
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Casa Modernista
  • COOLTUR Turisme Cultural – Ripoll – Plaça de Sant Eudald

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we present you our tour of the Civil War in Ripoll (1936-39)

If you want to learn what happened in Ripoll during the Civil War, now you have the opportunity. From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we offer you this tour that will help you understand a part of the history of this municipality.

During the tour, you will discover what changes and transformations there were in this municipality during the Civil War. In addition, we will also explain the role of the Town Hall during the War, and what war industries were installed in Ripoll. At the end of the tour, we will explain what the Franquist occupation of Ripoll was like.

This is a circular tour of about 3 km. In addition, it is an exclusively urban tour. The unevenness of the tour is only 23 positive meters, which makes it suitable for the whole family and for people with reduced mobility. Apart, it can also be done with pets and / or bicycle. At the same time that you will learn this historical episode, you will enjoy the historical center of Ripoll.

As all the tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism, you can download, free of charge, the information and the tracks of this tour. However, if you wish, we can accompany you! You can find the information of our accompaniments in the tours a la carte. With our accompaniment, we will explain to you, amply, all the history of this route. In addition, we will be able to resolve any doubts you may have.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we hope you will enjoy the tour of the Civil War in Ripoll (1936-39).


Ripoll, the current capital of the Ripollès, is next to the rivers Freser and Ter. This city has been one of the major focus of industrial life in the Pyrenees, where we highlight their great monastery.

For more information: http://www.ripoll.cat/

There are several ways to reach this municipality:

  • By Car (roads):
    • C-17 (Barcelona – Ripoll)
    • C-26 (Alfarràs – Borrassà)
    • N-260a (Conca de Dalt – Senterada)
  • Public transport

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