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From COOLTUR, we give you some tips to do the tours in the Interior of Catalonia:

  • Take comfortable footwear (think that our tours are both urban and extra-urban, so we recommend the use of closed shoes, comfortable, and with a good grip on any surfaces)
  • Use comfortable and breathable clothing (It is important that you wear comfortable and breathable clothing, suitable for the station you are in.)
  • Use sun protection (think that it is important to protect ourselves from the sun, as recommended by all dermatologists. This is why we recommend the use of sun creams, as well as caps and hats, because we can assured shadow in all our tours)
  • Hydrate well and bring some food (the times of our tours are approximate. It is advisable to bring some water to hydrate, as well as something to eat such as nuts, fruit or a good sandwich)
  • Watch out for road crossings (on some of our tours, streets and roads must be crossed. Pay attention to the traffic to avoid possible accidents.
  • Take a map (it is always advisable to bring a map of the area in which you are, or a gps to avoid losses)