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COOLTUR Cultural Tourism is formed by a dynamic team of people who are experts in history, culture and heritage. Our team is in charge of creating and supervising all the content that you can find on this website. The intention, of our team, is to show the preserved heritage, and the rich history of many municipalities.

Below you can see the members of our team:

Jordi Plans Canal 1

Jordi Plans Canal

Jordi is one of the ideologues of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism company, and since he was a child, he has been a great lover of the stories his grandparents told him, and of popular culture, where he has participated in different associations. After finishing his studies, he was fortunate enough to be able to work as an archaeologist at different sites in Catalonia. With the economic crisis he went to England where he also worked as an archaeologist, until he decided to return to start COOLTUR Cultural Tourism company. Together with Ricard Jiménez, he is responsible for the content of the different tourist tours.

Ricard Jimenez Herrera 1

Ricard Jiménez Herrera

Ricard has always been a voracious reader of all the books that fell into his hands. History subjects were always his favourite subjects in school and everywhere he went he was interested in the remains of the past. While studying at the Faculty of History, he worked as a guide and educator at the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona and then he entered the world of archaeology, where he worked for ten years. With the economic and sector crisis, and when the company where he was working closed down, he decided to undertake the COOLTUR Cultural Tourism project together with Jordi Plans, with whom he had agreed on several archaeological excavations.