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The remains of the Vic Wall can still be seen in the Montcada Promenade.

Originally, the walls of the city of Vic were built during the 12th century. During the 14th century, King Peter III ordered the walls of Vic to be reinforced. These walls had seven entrance and exit gates, as well as 40 defensive towers and a moat some 8 metres wide and 4.65 metres deep. These walls surrounded the entire urban complex of the city of Vic.

Already in modern times, between the 16th and 17th centuries, some sections of the wall were repaired, and in the 18th century the perimeter of the wall was enlarged.

During the 19th century, after the Industrial Revolution, it was decided to demolish the walls of Vic in order to carry out an urban expansion. During this period, most of the old walls disappeared, and new streets were created, such as Verdaguer Street.

In this case, at this point we can still see some of the remains of the old walls of the city of Vic.