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The Hill of the Three Crosses is located next to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Rocaprevera, within the municipality of Torelló.

Apparently, in 1686 there were already three wooden crosses in this place. The meeting of the Holy Cross was held here on 3 May. In 1736 the crosses were repaired, and at the beginning of the 20th century, the main cross was made of wood, while the lateral crosses were made of brick. During 1913, this saw was remodeled and the crosses that we can see today were placed.

The central cross, which is the largest, is a representation of Calvary, with Jesus in the center and the two thieves on each side. The present crosses are made of iron and have a base of chopped stone with a column and a polygonal capital.

On the ground there is a wind rose that marks the location of the nearby villages and peaks.

At this point a legend about the Serpent of the Commons has been preserved. According to the legend, a few meters from this place lived a giant snake that had a large mane of gold. In addition, in the forehead of his skull he had an enormous diamond embedded.

When the snake wanted to bathe in the river Ter, it first took the diamond out of its forehead so as not to lose it in the waters of the river Ter. Many people wanted to take possession of this diamond, but nobody ever got it.

We do not know what happened to the Serpent of the Commons, but one day it disappeared. However, when the storm wind blows, between the hedges of the common, you can still hear a metallic sound, like bells. They say that this sound is the touch of the tail of the snake of the Commons.