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The Farinera Costa, also known as the Catalana, or Farinera Torra, is located in Calle Bisbe Morgades, in the urban centre of the city of Vic.

This factory was designed by the modernist architect Enric Sagnier and was built in 1896. During 2009, this building was completely renovated by the architect Jordi Garcés.

Initially, this building was built for the production of sausages. However, during the 1930s, until 2007, this building was used for the manufacture of flour.

This factory has a rectangular floor plan, with a semi-basement and four storeys high. It was built with exposed work, and still preserves beautiful graffiti and stucco on the outside.

On the main façade, which faces Bisbe Morgades Street, there is a bas-relief, on the first floor level, where there is St. George killing the dragon. At present, therefore, the entrance to the building is in a lateral part.

One of the most outstanding elements of this building are the balcony railings, which are decorated with sculptures of animals, both common pigs and wild boars, which are surrounded by plant elements. These decorative elements refer to the first use of the factory when sausages were produced.