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The Comella House, also known as Can Mastrot, is located at the entrance of Vic’s Plaza Mayor from Verdaguer Street.

This building, of a marked modernist style, was built in 1896, and was designed by the architect Gaietà Buïgas.

This large building has a strong medieval influence, as shown by the different towers.

The main façade has a ground floor, two floors. The central door has a lintelled arch and, above it, there are large balconies on the first floor and grandstands on the second floor. There are also two purely decorative stepped gables.

Throughout the building we can see many ornamental elements with large Gothic connotations, such as lattices and gutters.

There are also, in the main facade, four graffiti representing the four seasons of the year.

During the Spanish Civil War, this building was confiscated by the Republican Town Hall. In this case, in this building were established different headquarters of Republican parties and unions that fought against the Franco military coup d’état. Some of the organizations that established their headquarters were Esquerra Republicana per Catalunya (ERC), or the anarchist union CNT.