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The church of Santa Coloma is located in the centre of Centelles, and is the parish church of this town in the Plana de Vic.

This church was built in 1704. It is a large rectangular building. In the entrance façade there is a large portal with worked stone and geometric motifs. Above the entrance door there is a chapel with the image of Santa Coloma.

Above the entrance door there is a circle, and the façade ends in circular and rectilinear shapes, with 4 stone pinnacles finished with a sphere. In the central part, we can also see a stone cross.

To the left of the main façade we can see a large tower bell tower, with quadrangular base, and octagonal finish. To the right of the entrance door there is a stone portal worked with floral motifs of baroque style.

During the Spanish Civil War, this church was desecrated and the baroque altarpieces inside were burned. Once the war was over, this church was restored in an opposite style to the original one. In this restoration the geometric shapes and drawings predominate.