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Wrought iron is a technique used for millennia. Through the work of iron, at high temperatures, it has been possible to model this mineral. With this technique, it has been possible to create an immense number of objects, from fences to sculptures.

More and more, therefore, there are fewer blacksmiths who are dedicated to artistic forging. Fortunately, in Sant Feliu this trade is still preserved. If we take a walk through the town centre of Sant Feliu Sasserra, we can still see a large number of wrought iron elements. Many of these elements are handrails that take the shape of a dragon. We can also observe the representation of a street lamp with a dragon, and a handle in the shape of a donkey’s head. The creation of wrought iron dragons can be understood by the symbolism of the figure of the dragon with the fire.

Apart from these artistic elements, most houses have a wrought iron handle, although they are industrially produced. Many of these handles represent a hand holding a ball. In this case, we understand that this piece represents the hand of God that holds the world. In this case, every time this doorknob is used, it symbolizes a way of blessing the house.