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Wrought iron is a technique used for millennia. Through the work of iron, at high temperatures, it has been possible to model this mineral. With this technique, it has been possible to create an immense number of objects, from fences to sculptures.

More and more, therefore, there are fewer blacksmiths dedicated to artistic forging. Luckily, this craft is still preserved in Alpens. A large number of wrought iron elements can be seen in the centre of the municipality. Most of these elements were made by Joan Prat, a blacksmith who lived in Alpens between the 19th and 20th centuries. The pieces of this blacksmith are varied. We can find them from grilles, lanterns, as statues. The most symbolic statue is Manelic, a shepherd in the middle of Alpens.

Apart from the works of Joan Prat, we can also find the wrought iron works of Enric Pla Montferrer. In the case of Enrique Pla, he is a forger who is still active, and who has a workshop in the middle of Alpens.

In addition, every two years, on the penultimate weekend in May, there is an International Meeting of Forgers in Alpens. In this meeting, a joint artistic work is sculpted and exhibited in the streets of Alpens.