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The Trenches of Santa Llúcia are located in the forest of Santa Llúcia, next to the road to Santa Eulàlia de Pardines, within the municipality of Prats de Lluçanès. These trenches are just above the road linking Prats de Lluçanès with Sant Feliu Sasserra.

At the end of 1938, the Spanish Civil War had reached Catalonia. After the Republican army lost the Battle of the Ebro, the Franco army started the Campaign of Catalonia. In this campaign, the intention of the Francoist army was to occupy Catalonia, before focusing their efforts to occupy Valencia and Madrid.

This campaign of occupation was not as fast as the historiography wants to show. The Republican army, badly damaged, planted a strong resistance to prevent the Franco army from advancing. In spite of these efforts, the rebellious army gradually occupied the whole Catalonia.

On 29 January 1939, the Republican army arrived in Prats de Lluçanès. Its objective was to organize a defensive line to face an imminent Francoist attack. To defend this position, a large line of trenches was created. Some lost sentinel burrows were also built.

One of the remains of this defensive line is at this point. Here we can see a section of trenches dug directly into the ground. This line has a zigzag shape, since in this way they minimized dead angles. In addition, these trenches are located above the old road where part of the Franco army entered. According to the diaries of operations of the Francoist army, at this point the Republican army managed to stop the rebellious army.

Prats de Lluçanès was occupied by the Franco army on 3 February 1939, after two days of battle.