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The Transformed Bathtub is located next to the Solitary Bathtub, to the east of Granja dels Ànecs, next to the Mura River, in the municipality of Talamanca, in the region of Bages.

During the 19th century, a large number of bathtubs were built next to the vineyards in Central Catalonia. The fact that the bathtubs were built next to the areas where the grapes were produced meant that the costs of wine production were reduced, since the transport of the grapes in the production areas was saved. With these constructions, therefore, wine was produced in the same area where the grapes were grown.

All these constructions fell into disuse after 1879, when phylloxera arrived in Catalonia. Many vine crops were replaced by cereal crops. The improvements in the systems of wine production also made these constructions fall into disuse.

The Transformed Bathtub is made up of a circular tub and an auxiliary hut. The interior of the bathtub is covered with glazed ceramic tiles. In the upper part of the bathtub, there are the windows through which the grape juice was introduced.

The hut is attached to the bathtub, and this is where the pipe was to be able to extract the wine from the inside of the bathtub.