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The current town hall of Sant Feliu Sasserra is located in the urban centre of this town. This building was built in 1611 and has a marked Renaissance style. On the façade we can see a system of corner pillars that frame the windows of the central space. We can emphasize the great central window of the first floor that is crowned with a pediment of classic style. The main door, we can see the entrance door, which is framed by two small pilasters. Above the entrance door, there are two figures showing the coat of arms of Sant Feliu.

This building was built to house the curia of the Lluçanès sub-guardery. It was the headquarters of the Lluçanès sub-guardery until the New Plant Decree of 1716. Supposedly, at the beginning of the 17th century, all the witchcraft trials of Lluçanès were held in this building. If the accused was found guilty, he was taken to the Gallows Hill (Serrat de les Forques) for the execution of the death sentence.

Later on the New Plant Decree, this building became the house of the town. During the second half of the 20th century, the building was restored.