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The Town Hall of Caldes d’Estrac, with a neoclassical style, is located at Riera Street, 31, in the urban centre of Caldes d’Estrac, in the Maresme region.

Originally, the Caldes d’Estrac Town Hall was located in the Sant Antoni Square, but during the 19th century, the Town Hall was moved to its current location. The new location was above the old Roman baths of Caldes d’Estrac.

The Caldes d’Estrac Town Hall is a building composed of a ground floor and two upper floors. This building was built during the 19th century, although it was renovated during the 20th century.

The ground floor is plastered, while the two upper floors are painted with lime. In order to be able to differentiate these two parts, we can observe a moulding around the whole building.

On the main façade we can see, on the ground floor, two elongated windows with a pointed arch. Between these two windows there is a door. On the first floor there are two windows and a balcony with lobed railings in neoclassical style. On the second floor is the attic with rectangular windows. Both the first and second floors are decorated with six fluted columns with false capitals. The other facades of the building can be seen to be decorated with false ribbed columns.