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La Torre Malla is a house located in the centre of Prats de Lluçanès, specifically in Orient Street.

This is a modernist building built at the beginning of the 20th century. We do not know the architect, but it was built as a second residence of a wealthy family.

We can emphasize how this building combines the stone with elements of visible work that mold all the openings of the house. The windows of the first floor are decorated with the “trencadís” technique. using fragments of different tiles.

On the left side of the main façade, there is also a three-storey tower. On the second floor of the tower, there is a chapel where there is a Christ, as well as wrought iron elements and a roof with glazed tiles. On the top floor of the tower, there are three windows crowned with semicircular arches, which are separated by exposed columns, purely ornamental.

We can emphasize the dragon, made with wrought iron, that there is in the Vane that crowns this building.

Once the Civil War was over, the first Francoist town hall of Prats de Lluçanès was provisionally housed in this building. Later, this building became the office of a financial entity, which eliminated the modernist remains from the interior of the building.