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The Stone of the Witches is located at the foot of the hill of the church of Sant Feliuet, to the north of the Pla de Sant Feliuet pond, within the municipality of Tavèrnoles, in the region of Osona.

This is a large natural stone, which has a large central crack that divides it into two halves. In this stone a great amount of medieval engravings can be observed. Among the engravings, there are more than 50 crosses, 9 horseshoes and 6 bowls. There are also several circles, as well as other figures. Some of these elements can be seen with the naked eye.

In addition, a legend has been preserved in this place. According to the legend, these marks were made by witches who were in love with the Baron of Savassona. Apparently, the baron of Savassona was related to the Inquisition. With these marks, the witches wanted to send a warning to the Baron of Savassona.