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The Stone of the Dau is located at the foot of the hill of the Church of Sant Feliuet, east of the Stone of Sacrifice, within the municipality of Tavèrnoles, in the region of Osona.

This stone is a large block of sandstone, which forms a small cave on its northwest side. The dimensions of the cave are 8 meters long, 3 meters wide, and a height of about 2.5 meters. In 1976, an archaeological excavation was carried out to find three silos. The silos were holes made in the ground to keep the grain. All the silos, once filled, were covered with stones and earth, allowing the good conservation of the grain that was kept inside.

In these silos, once excavated, different ceramic fragments were found, as well as the bone remains of different animals. Through these materials, it could be determined that these archaeological remains were from the Iberian period, specifically from the 6th century BC.

Currently, all the remains found in this archaeological excavation are conserved in the Episcopal Museum of Vic.