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The Station of France is located in the Marqués de la Argentera Avenue, next to the Ciutadella Park in the city of Barcelona.

The construction of the current station was related to the Universal Exposition, replacing the old railway station from which the trains left for France. The current station was built between 1626 and 1629 by the architects Pedro Muguruza and Raimon Duran Reynals, together with the engineer Andreu Montaner.

This station was inaugurated by the Spanish monarch Alfonso XIII on 2 June 1929, two weeks after the opening of the Universal Exhibition.

This station is of great dimensions, with a U-shaped floor plan to be able to surround the railway tracks. This building was built with bricks with a marble covering. The roof of part of this building is made of a large iron structure.

On July 22, 1910, at this point in the city of Barcelona, the President of the Council of Ministers, Antonio Maura, was the object of an attack. A young follower of Lerroux, within the events of the Rose of Fire, fired two shots at Antonio Maura. One shot wounded him in the leg, and the other shot wounded him in the arm.