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The Sauva Negra Fountain is located south of Santa Maria Savall, between the municipalities of Centelles, Castellcir, Balenyà and Sant Martí de Centelles.

One of the most emblematic points of the Sauva Negra forest is the Sauva Negra Fountain, a source of sulphurous water.

The legend of the demons of Sauva Negra, a legend located in this forest, has been preserved. According to the legend, many years ago, in Balenyà there was a country house with an owner who had a very bad temper, and led a very bad life. This man had no respect for God or the Saints. Apparently, this man, with some friends, went to Sauva Negra, because there they were very well.

These men bred horses, the fastest in the Plana de Vic. When a storm was approaching, one could see that they were going to receive the Sauva Negra and, quickly, they returned home without getting wet from the storm.

When this owner died, he was buried in the cemetery of Balenyà. When he was buried, people felt the sound of chains and ropes, and everyone was frightened. They buried him, but the sacred land didn’t want him, and that night the holy land dug him up with the box. The people of the village, when they saw him, buried him again, but every time they buried him he appeared, the next day, outside the tomb.

When they saw this, they decided to put the body on a blind mule, and let the mule go wherever it wanted. They thought that the mule would stop where the deceased wanted to be buried.

The mule went to the Sauva Negra forest, and stopped in the middle of the forest. As if by magic, the ropes that tied the corpse untied themselves, and it fell to the ground.

When the mule left, all the demons came out and took the deceased away without leaving a trace on the ground.