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In the town centre of Caldes d’Estrac, in the Maresme region, specifically in Santa Teresa Street, 10, we can see a modernist style building.

This building was constructed in 1891, and is made up of a ground floor, two upper floors and a rooftop. Its entire construction follows a great symmetry with two openings on each floor.

On the ground floor we can see a door and a window with a semicircular arch. On the first and second floors there is a large balcony that runs the entire width of the facade. Each of these floors has two large openings, and the grille on the balconies is made of wrought iron. We can also see how the balconies have, at the bottom, different corbels with plant motifs. On the roof, we can see a railing of stone balusters, with two pinnacles and a central pediment.

However, what is most striking about this building is the sculpted decoration between the openings on the first and second floors. This decoration is with plant motifs.