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In the urban centre of Vilassar de Mar, in the region of the Maresme, concretely in the Sant Roc Street, 33, we found a building of eclectic ethyl.

This building, at Sant Roc Street, 33, is made up of a ground floor and two upper floors.

On the first two floors, we can see two large balconies that run the width of the building. In addition, these balconies have a wrought-iron pumped railing. In addition, each balcony is supported by some central corbels, as well as the separating pillar that Gemina the upper windows, in neoclassical style.

However, what is most striking about this building is the sgraffito decoration on the façade. This decoration features plant and floral motifs, as well as garlands and borders, similar to Modernist decoration.