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  • Carrer Sant Francesc 26 28 Què visitar a Vilassar de Mar Maresme COOLTUR Turisme Cultural

Sant Francesc Street, 26-28

Vilassar de Mar (Maresme)

In the urban centre of Vilassar de Mar, in the Maresme region, specifically in Sant Francesc Street 26-28, there are two fishermen’s huts.

At this point of Sant Francesc Street, 26-28, there are two small houses, with their backs to the sea, of a great singularity. These two houses are called fishermen’s houses, or Mediterranean houses. In the past, these houses were temporary shelters for fishermen.

They are two ground floor buildings, and one floor high with an exterior staircase. There are also separate entrance doors on each floor. The most striking thing is the wide doorway on the ground floor. In the past, this doorway was used to store the boat and to make the necessary repairs.