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The Sanctuary of Lourdes crowns a small hill east of Prats de Lluçanès. From this point, you can enjoy great views of the Lluçanès plateau, as well as the Pyrenees.

This sanctuary was built between 1881-1882 by order of the priest Sebastià Obradors, who was cured from a serious illness. It was consecrated in 1885 by Josep Morgades, Bishop of Vic, for example.

The building that we can see today, was an extension made in 1958. The current building has a Latin cross floor plan, with a semicircular apse, with paintings by Ramon Noé and Antoni Cortada. In the area of the transept a tower with a polygonal section rises up. It also has an atrium and a bell tower, designed by Josep Maria Pericas, with two semicircular arch openings.

This is the first chapel in the Iberian Peninsula dedicated to the Virgin of Lourdes. During the Civil War, between 23rd and 24th July 1936, this chapel was sacked and burned by Republican militiamen.