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The Saló Catalunya, also known as Can Cuca, is located in the middle of the village of Sant Julià de Vilatorta.

This is a building of eclectic style, with a marked neo-Arabic style, which we do not know the exact date of its construction. During the twentieth century, this building was a municipal cultural center, where theater was made, and also served as a dance hall, or cinema.

This building has a rectangular floor plan. At each end of the building there is a portal. On the left, there is a horseshoe arch door, while on the right there is a catenary-shaped portal. Above each portal, as well as in the centre of the building, there are four twin windows with horseshoe arches.

In the upper centre of the main façade there is a pediment where the name of the premises is inscribed. This pediment is crowned by a pinnacle. In addition, each of the ends of the roof also has a pinnacle at each end.