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The Sacrifice Stone is located at the foot of the hill of the church of Sant Feliuet, within the municipal district of Tavèrnoles, in the region of Osona.

This is a large stoneware stone, which forms a cave in its western part. Still today we can observe different cuts in the rock, as well as furrows and artificially made holes. The cave is about 3 metres deep and 4.5 metres high. During the 60’s different archaeological excavations were carried out, in which different human tombs were located, as well as different archaeological materials. Among these materials, we can highlight some ceramic fragments, as well as a polished stone axe. All these materials are conserved in the Episcopal Museum of Vic.

In addition, a legend related to this great stone has been conserved. According to the legend, the name of this stone is because it was used to make human sacrifices. In these sacrifices, the blood of the sacrificed people dripped down the gutters that are engraved on the rock.

It is also said that several centuries ago, different witches gathered in this rock. In these meetings, the witches’ misdeeds were counted, and if any had not done enough evil, it was executed in this stone. After the ritual, the witches provoked a great storm in order to clean the blood of the executed witches.