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The Roman Temple of Vic is located in the Pietat Square, very close to the Major Square of Vic.

This building is located in the centre of the remains of the Castle of the Montcada. In 1882, with an urbanistic reform of Vic, it was decided to demolish the Castle of the Montcada for the construction of a block of houses. In the course of this demolition, a subterranean cell of an old Roman building was located, as well as a capital from the Roman period. Upon seeing these remains, and identifying them as the remains of an ancient Roman temple, it was decided to build the current building known as the Roman Temple.

The current building follows the boundaries of the Roman underground cell. Supposedly, through various excavations, this cell was built during the I-II century AD.

The temple is 12.10 metres long by 10.10 metres wide. The construction of the current building was carried out in different phases. At first, in 1890, the visible building of the Roman Temple was built. Later, in 1930, columns were added in front of the door. In this case, the column attached to the building, in the north corner, supports the only original capital. The rest of the capitals are reproductions made with the found capital. Finally, in 1953, the pediment and the architrave supporting the columns of the entrance were added.

Currently, this building is used for cultural activities, and is managed by the Patronat d’Estudis Osonencs.