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The remains of the Roman Aqueduct are located in the Vuit de Març Square, just next to the Cathedral Square in the city of Barcelona.

In this square, we can still see, attached to a building, the arcades of the ancient Roman aqueduct that fed water to the Roman city of Barcelona. This aqueduct was built during the 1st century BC, when the colony of Barcino (now Barcelona) was founded. During the 4th century, when a new wall was built in the Roman city of Barcelona, the aqueduct was still in operation, and probably did so until the 9th century.

The water transported by this aqueduct came from the Montcada fountains, located nine kilometres from Barcelona. The water was channelled flush with the ground up to a few metres from the Roman walls, where the unevenness forced the use of an aqueduct.

One of the entrances to this aqueduct was through the Decumana Gate, just next to the Cathedral Square.