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La Roca de Pena is a geological formation located next to the municipality of Alpens, to the north of Cal Torrats.

At this point, we can see a rocky wall, which looks like a man-made stone wall, but is actually a natural formation.

There is a legend about this formation. According to this legend, many years ago, around San Juan and Corpus, a father told his son that they would go to the forest to look for box branches in order to decorate the village for the procession. Father and son went to the forest when it was still daylight. When they passed in front of the Rock of Sorrow they felt the crying of a creature.  The son, frightened, asked the father what those cries were, but the father, indifferent, encouraged him to continue the march. When they had passed the Rock of Sorrow, the crying turned into laughter. It seems that a great number of souls live in this Rock who have been trapped, but they can only be heard at night.