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In the urban centre of the city of Vic, in the region of Osona, specifically in the Riera Street, 13, we can observe a building with medieval origins, and with modernist elements.

This building consists of a ground floor, two upper floors and an attic, and all its construction is of great simplicity.

Two elements of the first floor can draw our attention to this building. The first element is the lintel of the balcony window. We can see how this lintel is decorated. On each side of the lintel there are sculpted two heads of two people, a man and a woman. This is surely the representation of the owners of this building. In fact, in the centre of the lintel is the heraldic coat of arms of the family of this house.

The second element, the result of later reforms, is the tribune that stands out from this building. This grandstand has modernist elements, such as the decoration with painted glass, or the roof with green glazed tiles.