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  • Carrer Rial de Sa Clavella 22 30 Què visitar a Arenys de Mar Maresme COOLTUR Turisme Cultural

Rial de Sa Clavella Street, 22-30

Arenys de Mar (Maresme)

In the town centre of Arenys de Mar, in the Maresme region, specifically in Rial de Sa Clavella Street, 22-30, we can see some eclectic style buildings.

These buildings consist of a ground floor, two upper floors and a rooftop.

What we can highlight, of these buildings, is the wrought iron work of the balcony railings, as well as the stucco decoration that imitates stone ashlars.

In addition, the entire buildings end with a central pediment, while there is also decoration with plant motifs.