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The Puigllussà Farmhouse is located at the western end of the Puigllussà mountain range, west of Sant Feliu Sasserra, within the municipality of Sant Feliu Sasserra, on the Lluçanès plateau in the Bages region.

The Puigllussà Farmhouse is a country house where a legend has been preserved. According to the legend, many years ago, during the winters, the Ventura, a man from the Merlès Valleys, used to go around the country houses. This man used to kill pigs in order to get a bonus.

Ventura was a close friend of the family who lived in the Puigllussà Farmhouse, and every year he went to help them in the slaughter of the pig. When he went, he spent the whole day, and always stayed for dinner.

As it turns out, one year, when Ventura was at the Puigllussà farmhouse, he went home after dinner. He hadn’t even walked 50 metres and Ventura started to make loud noises behind him. Curiously, Ventura turned around and saw a large bear that was following her. Ventura, therefore, ignored the animal, for he already imagined that there was something suspicious. When he passed by the side of the Relat stream, the bear disappeared all the way into the water.

The next day, Ventura returned to the Puigllussà farmhouse to investigate the bear’s appearance. It turns out that the daughter of the Puigllussà farmhouse had bought a book that, when she read it, could make shadows of animals appear that imitated the sound of footsteps, as if they were real.