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The pedra dreta is a menhir that is located next to the road that joins Prats de Lluçanès with Lluçà, within the municipality of Lluçà.

Some people have thought that this menhir is from prehistoric times. However, it is most likely a landmark term, or to mark one of the transhumance paths that cross the Lluçanès.

This place is peculiar, since apart from having great views of the Merlès Valley and the Pyrenees, it is related to witchcraft. According to some legends, different akelarres were held here between the witches of Lluçanès and Berguedà.

In fact, even today there is an event that can remind us of an akelarre. For cinquagesma, different people usually gather around this monument, and do dances that may remind us of a witches meeting. Apart from the dances, traditionally people also collected aromatic herbs that they left at the foot of the monolith.

There are also people who say that if you embrace this stone barefoot, and/or naked; this stone will give you very good energy.