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The Parliament of Catalonia, also known as Arsenal de la Ciutadella, is located in the Ciutadella Park of the city of Barcelona.

The building of the Parliament of Catalonia appears after the Bourbon army won and occupied the city of Barcelona in the Spanish Succession War. One of the measures taken by the Bourbon troops, led by King Philip V, was to demolish part of the Ribera district. The objective of the Bourbon troops was to build a military citadel to control the city of Barcelona. The citadel was designed by Jorge Próspero de Verboon and lasted between 1716 and 1748.

One of the buildings that formed part of the Bourbon citadel was the current building of the Parliament of Catalonia. The building of the Parliament of Catalonia was built between 1717 and 1727 as an Arsenal.

After the demolition of the Bourbon citadel in 1869, some buildings were preserved. In the case of the Parliament, in 1889 it was remodelled to become a Royal Palace. The architect in charge of this remodelling was Pere Falqués.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this building was destined as the Municipal Art Museum, and the building was enlarged with two side wings that were inaugurated in 1915.

This building did not become the Parliament of Catalonia until 1932, after the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic, the Catalan president, Francesc Macià, decided to locate the Catalan parliament here.

After the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), and during the first years of General Franco’s dictatorship, the parliament was used as a military barracks. In 1945, the military barracks were moved, and the Museum of Modern Art was located in this building.

After the Franco dictatorship, this building was recovered to house the Parliament of Catalonia. The first session of this new parliament took place on 10 April 1980.